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Underdogs, revisited

Last night, I was listening to the Tavis Smiley show on NPR. They often talk about faith and spirituality, and how important it is among the African-American community, and last night they had Della Reese of "Touched by an Angel" on. She is apparently some kind of preacher, the fact of which wouldn't surprise me at all. She talked a lot about God, and that sort of thing usually makes me change the station--not that there is all that much else worth listening to, but I can at least dial up the jazz station or something.

But one thing in particular set my teeth on edge. She believes and encourages "understanding." But apparently, her form of understanding boils down to what these nonbelievers need to understand: "we are a democracy, and the majority of this nation believes in God. And therefore we are under God."

This *really* pissed me off, because I try so very hard to understand my own fragile existence, raised as I was in the white, protestant middle class, among the rest of the nonwhite, nonprotestant, nonmiddleclass world. I work in North Philly after all. But can you just imagine what people would say if we cast that as "we are a democracy, and the majority of this nation is WHITE? and therefore...."
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Deleted comment

"Most of us want to have sex with women, therefore all of us do"

Gotta love fuzzy logic.