helcat (helcat) wrote in nonbelievers,

The savings account.

At least once a day, I hear the secretaries outside talk about how everything is just fine since they got saved.

I have a Buddhist calendar on my wall. I have to wonder if they do it within my earshot specifically to irk me.
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Possibly. :(

I was very disappointed to see that the Mennonite church which I drive past on the way to work had changed their sign from reading "God wants fruits of the spirit, not religous nuts!" to read "Freedom of religion does not equal freedom from religion!" They went from impressing me to disappointing me in one swoop. :(
Argh. Tim's parents are Mennonite and I have come to the resounding conclusion it is by far and away the best form of Christianity I've witnessed. But they are not without their moments. Still, I was very much gratified that they gave me a book of meditations for my birthday last year, because I felt like they accepted me.

I think a lot of Godly folks fear that the government is trying to sterilize spirituality out of America. I don't know that they understand that for those of us with different belief systems, we feel more at ease in an environment that doesn't place emphasises on one over another, because it might imply that one is better than another. I'm more alarmed that people might think "Damned straight it's better!" because that's exactly what the framers were trying to avoid. They didn't do so hot on avoiding other kinds of stratification, but they were doing their damnedest to make religious persecution a thing of the past. Maybe some people think this is persecution, but I think some people are a little too comfortable.