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Just because I've had a good day...

I think we need to revisit this.


It's particularly funny in light of the anthropology stuff I've been reading. In the first half of this class, I of course learned about how some of our ancestors based their arguments in favor of class stratification on how some "races" were closer to "primitive" status. And in the second half, I've learned how one of the ways nation-states maintain control over their large populations is, of course, through religion.

I'm thinking in particular of that quote by Bush last week about how our laws are derived from those of God. Well, ok, thou shalt not kill. But that made my readings even funnier, as they discussed how some primitive peoples would sit down and chat for an hour or two to try and find some kinship connection so that they would have an excuse not to kill one another.

But then, much of civilization has become what it is through the work of missionaries. I feel like people shun heathens because they think we will regress to marauding nomads or something.
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